Sunday, September 25, 2005


Packers 16 - Buccaneers 17

Today's Firsts
  • First time we've started 0-3 with Brett Favre as our QB
  • First time we've lost to the Bucs at home since Favre started
  • First time Ryan Longwell has missed a PAT in 157 tries (nice job, Sander)

At least we played better today. I have a feeling we're going to have to learn to enjoy games like this again -- the ones in which we have little victories even though they aren't actual victories. Sheesh, there's a blast from the past I was hoping not to have to relive until after Favre retired. I still want to believe that won't happen for two or three more seasons... but now I don't know what to think. Looks like maybe we're past the leave-'em-wanting-more exit. Although...

Conspiracy Theory Time
Perhaps the plan from the front office is to let Gimli and the rest of the coaching staff make all of the poorest decisions they can this year, leave with a bad enough record to earn a decent pick in the draft, clean out some of the losers, get some decent veterans on the team (a la Reggie), and get Brett back to a Super Bowl or two.

I can hear you laughing; stop it.

Oh, and the refs really SUCK this year (and relax -- I'm talking across the NFL, not just for us). Um, guys? Yeah, how about we don't blow the whistle unless we know for sure that something has occurred that clearly indicates that the play should be over, mmkay? Oh, and let's not just assume that any given player will do something because we've seen them do it on tape before. Sound like a plan? Hm?

Making Myself Feel Better Time
  • Green Bay's average strength of victory in regular season games won vs. Tampa Bay at Lambeau since Favre started: 9.2
  • Tampa Bay's average strength of victory in regular season games won vs. the Packers at Lambeau since Favre started: 1
Stats can be fun.



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